onsdag 26 mars 2014

☆ My last post for Bildmålarna.. ☆

Already time for my very last post for Bildmålarna.
A month flies by fast.
Had a blast with the pretty stamps and papers.
The new papers are yummy!!
Soooo pretty designs and a very nice quality.
Dubble-sided of course.
And the stamps are just lovely!
And just look at the little one with the bunny!
So stinking cute.

This motif is also very sweet.
Knew from the very first I saw it that I wanted this headline for a card.
*Angels exist.. you are one! *
And heres a hint of my newest card.
As usual click the picture to go to the real post in Bildmålarnas blog.


Yuuuup and that's what I had today.
Almost forgot that it was Wednesday.
Just a little Ouuups!!


Have an AWESOME day!!
Hugs SasSa


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