söndag 30 september 2012

Know it´s been a long time...

 I realize it´s been almost a year since I was here last. Oboy what happend one can wonder? Well one can say I took a nice little hit to the famous wall. It all became too much. My body collapsed. Sadly my cutbacks before didn't help. I hit the wall anyway. Then the doctors also discovered some problems with my thyroid (= sköldkörtel). It does not produce as much as I need so I have to medicate for the rest of my life. I sounds worse than it is. I feel after the circumstances quite OK ... NOW, I have to say. Did not feel so nice in the beginning of the year or end of last year. Well enough of my bad.
With a lot in my head, a lot in my heart and a lot of new baggage (both good and bad) I now try to get my life together. :)

Big hearts to all!
Hugs SasSa