söndag 30 december 2012

Guest at Creativica

That was my little secret a while ago.
Just not had the time to write it here.
I´m making a guest appearance for 3 months.
Time runs by so fast and have not had much 
of that supply for a long time now.
Tomorrow it´s the last day of the year. 
Think a year gone by so quick.
I´m in chock, almost...
Well I´m going to enjoying this second last day of the year 
at the movies with my dear sister. 
We are going to see the
last part of Breaking Dawn- Twillight.
A bit sad but soo looking forward to it.
It´s bit of a tradition for us to see Twillight.
We have not had the chance before now. 
But we are lucky the still show it.
If I shall make it to the cinemas in time 
I better go on with what I should say... ;)

I already made 2 posts in the Creativica blog
Here I only show a small selection.
If one want to see more what I have done?
Then it´s here and here.

First an easy Christmas Card
Made my own glitter paper with 
the help of double sided tape, 3d stars 
and a very pretty ribbon.
That was twice the width before but I cut it in half. 
Worked awesome!

On this card I used 2 of the corners of a 12" paper 
and masked them together. 
They melt together rather good so you can barley see it.
Very pretty paper I think. 
Cute birdies. 

The theme for this month over at the Creativica blog is 
Candle light and Christmas.
But as I thought of the fire hazard.
I used battery lights for this bookmark.

And I works great when the power is out. lol

Over at the blog you can see what I used.
Thank you Creativica for the guest spot.

Now I want to wish you all a very Happy new Year!
Big hugs SasSa

fredag 7 december 2012


Well the card is not made in superspeed. But thought 
I wanted a post today and the only way is superspeed fast.
Working a LOT at work, 
everything must be done before Christmas. 
It's going to be VERY interesting cause we do NOT
have all the material for all that we are supposed to manufacture.  
That's a big problem I promise!
And so energy demanding.
Well well.
One day at a time...
Crafting when I get the chance sadly not as often as I would like.
When talking crafting... I have some news soon. ;)
 Stay tuned.

A PINK Christmas card today. 
Love pink and Christmas together. 
It's so... hm... Joyful!
Makes me very happy.
A lot Magnolia items. 
Snowman, tree die and mistletoe. 
Maja Design paper(Sommartid-Iskall saft).
Handmade roses, Some cheese clot, paint and pearls.

Have a great weekend y'all!
Biggest hugs
SasSa ♥♥♥

söndag 2 december 2012

A day of fun.

We've made in StampARTic for several years. 
Last year I could not make it, but this.
A huge THANKS to Maja Design for the honor
of crafting with the lovely Maja papers.
Such joy they bring. 
Lovely every single one of them.

Happen to make one of the drawers to the drawer
below a little too big so I turned that to a chest instead.
If it would be interesting I can show how I did.  

I like making boxes and this is probably my favorite.
It looks nice how ever one do. 
And with a lovely plaid it's even better.
As first I saw that paper I wanted to make it to a box.

This box is also a favorite. Tried one last year but then I got sick.
Now I got a second chance. Here´s video nr 1 and nr 2.
But I made 2 bigger boxes instead of 2 small and 1 big.
How nice to make a bigger piece with a lot of these.
Have to get some more matching papers and try.
Thought first of making a advent calendar but 
did not want to use all the lovely Maja papers on making it.
I settled with some different, one for every advent.

 The poinsettia is made with Magnolias Poinsettia DooHickey die.
A little darker color on the tips of the leaves makes a more interesting flower.
Add some gold creme and Puffy Velvet too and it looks like these. 

A garland with the nice pennants from the cut-out sheet.

 So you know these small strips on the edge of the papers. 
Why cut them of?? Just love the result with it on.
Ordered some of the new Magnolia dies a couple of months ago.
Finally got them on Thursday. 
The snowflake is one of them.
Santa stamp from Bo Bunny.

The inside is easily fixed with small strips of another paper. 
To cover the paper name and other info.
Which could be an interesting element on it´s own but not today.

That was my day of fun at StampARTic.
Fun, fun, fun to make lovely things with lovely papers.
Have you not tried Maja Design paper before. 
Do, cause you will not be disappointed.

Speaking of fun. 
Earlier in November we made an article in 
StampARTic for Lili of the Valley.
Sweetest stamps.
Fun to work with.
Have been a little too busy to show them here 
so I throw in them now too.

Like making stars 3d.
And it´s so easy. 
Just crease and fold a flat star 
and you have a 3d star. 

This did not make the article so you are the first to see it :).

That was all for today. :)
Happy 1st advent.
Hugs SasSa

torsdag 1 november 2012

Time for November Challenge...

 over at StampARTic.

Make a card for a man with something metal on it.
Do not do so many cards for men.
So I find them a bit tricky.
This is what I made this time.

 Stamp: KennyK
Papers: Handmade with different tapes, vellum and a purple paper -Prima. 
Tools: Heart Sizzix die
Other: Metal jumbo eyelets, Pearltread, paperclip, Mini Market Alphastickers- OctoberAfternoon,

Quick post today. :)
Thought we would have some spooky visitors 
for Halloween today but no. 
Not a single one
And we bought lots of candy. 
Well that means more for us...

Have a great beginning of November :) .
Hugs SasSa

måndag 29 oktober 2012

I like digital stamps.

And two more.... :)
...oldies (cards from last year) that is.
Of course with digistamps... 

There are so many pretty digital stamps now a days.
I like them as much as rubber stamps. 
Maybe even more when I can change the size and reverse them as I like.
Isn't that great???
Or what do you think Rubber or Digital or Both?
Both but I like the digi´s more... I think..... ;)
Now I´m mumbling!
Sorry! Just happy I think.
Happy to be better and back in business. Or something... :)  

First card..
A "Good Luck at the new job" card for a former coworker.
Searched for the "perfect stamp" for quite a while.
Then I found this. Think it was a perfect match.
Pretty stamp from Saturated Canary.
One of my favorite digital stamp companies.
Beautiful papers from Maja Design
Like purple on cards.
It's luxurious I think. 

Inside look like this.
Yet again paper from Maja Design.

Here's one of my other digital stamp favorite's.
Mo's Digital Pencil.
On a christening card.
Of respect for the recipient I took away some personal information.
That's why the candle look so empty.
The baby paper is one of the very first papers
I bought when I started crafting(in 2006).
Fun to use old stuff too.
It's from an old paperpad by DCWV.
French Pastry Doily from Cheery Lynn.
Like it a lot. Think I need the English tea party doily too. 

Just adore the little girl.
I think though it works as a boy in christening dress too.
Don't you just love versatile stamps.. :)

The inside.
Did the same here. Left out the personal stuff. ;)
The original has more text on it.

Thank you for the sweet comments!
Love to all of you!
Missed you too A LOT.
Brings so much joy to my heart. ♥♥♥
Hugs SasSa

söndag 28 oktober 2012

I have some things...

...I have not show in the blog yet. 
Quite many things actually.
Start with this one card from last year, July I think.
A "Happy 4th anniversary" card in a new cardfold for me.
Well not the gatefold but the pockets and tag in the front. 
Started last year to make boxes to my cards.
It´s a lot more work but they are liked. 

Quite a lot of pictures I know. 
But a lot of things to see too... ;)

First the front of the box. 
Lovely papers from Maja design. 
Inkido stamp
Background stamp probably from Forma.

Front of card.
A big tag/single paged card that 
are placed in two pockets in the card it self.
It locks the gatefold behind from opening.
Sweet stamp from Hanglar.

Here the tag is out of the little pockets

The front of the gatefold card. 



The box has a false bottom where I put shaker pearls 
and stamped the real bottom.  
So you see that through the heart window.

So that was one of the old cards.

Decorated the front door last night. Halloween theme.
We always do that and I really like the tradition.
My son likes it too.  Or love. :)
Hopefully there will be some children here this Halloween.
We bought lot of treats.

Have a great Sunday ♥♥♥.
Hugs SasSa

onsdag 24 oktober 2012

First StampARTic article after a long time...

THANK YOU for the very warm welcoming back from you all!
Brings joy to my heart! 
BIG HUG! ♥♥♥
Missed you tooo A LOT!

Well trying to get back to normal as I said. So that means StampARTic also. :)
My first article for this year is The Paper Shelter article. 
We got some lovely stamps from  The Paper Shelter to play with. 
Pop over and look what the other ladies did.
Fun to see so many different looks with the same stamps.

The Paper Shelter have both digital stamps and already colored images 
(WOW how smart when you are out of time!!! -LOVE it!).
And also printable papers and accessories. 
So smart with ready to go things that go with the stamps.
And soo pretty background papers. 

Have to show these cute stamps that I found in the shop. 
Now down to business... :)

Tried a shabby look for this In the 20's.
Pretty paper from Pion Design.

A bit weak inside. Did not know what to do and wanted to be done ;) . *lol*
Under the blue to the left is a pocket for something. 
Like a gift card or money. :)

A small box with the adorable seal
 The Du och Jag (You and Me) note is from the paper I used.
It's called "Ömhet" from the collection "Du och Jag" and are from Maja Design

Until next time ;) TAKE care and have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!
BIG hug SasSa

söndag 30 september 2012

Know it´s been a long time...

 I realize it´s been almost a year since I was here last. Oboy what happend one can wonder? Well one can say I took a nice little hit to the famous wall. It all became too much. My body collapsed. Sadly my cutbacks before didn't help. I hit the wall anyway. Then the doctors also discovered some problems with my thyroid (= sköldkörtel). It does not produce as much as I need so I have to medicate for the rest of my life. I sounds worse than it is. I feel after the circumstances quite OK ... NOW, I have to say. Did not feel so nice in the beginning of the year or end of last year. Well enough of my bad.
With a lot in my head, a lot in my heart and a lot of new baggage (both good and bad) I now try to get my life together. :)

Big hearts to all!
Hugs SasSa