söndag 14 augusti 2011

One more Glitz card......

But not for a challenge this time. 
Because I decided for the card in the previous post for that.
But thought I could show this anyway... :)

Where not so happy with all the stamping.
Think I over did it. 
Guess that happens sometimes... *oups*
It´s OK but if I hadn't stamped on the roses and the butterfly
I think I would like it more.

So shall I show some more...?
Have not made any cards for some days now so I have 
to start crafting but I still have some not shown yet.

I found a challenge in June or July somewhere on the web. 
Made a card for it but never participated.

I found it... It was at Scrapgalen in June.
It was a sketch and it looked like this....

And my card turned out like this...
Do not ask why I did not participate. Cause I do not know.

Last card today is one I made for my sons last week at daycare
before the summer vacation in July.
It´s from all the 4 boys with families 
that quit daycare this year.
And sadly only 3 of them begin school 
here in our village(one moved).
I think it´s a record -the smallest class ever at our school.
I made them like 4 small lingonberries. 
As it is the name of their unit at daycare.
hÄnglar stamps and a lot of them.
Perhaps you notice the different colors of hair I made. 
Just to look more like the boys.

THANK YOU for all the lovely comments!
Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!
Hugs SasSa