söndag 30 december 2012

Guest at Creativica

That was my little secret a while ago.
Just not had the time to write it here.
I´m making a guest appearance for 3 months.
Time runs by so fast and have not had much 
of that supply for a long time now.
Tomorrow it´s the last day of the year. 
Think a year gone by so quick.
I´m in chock, almost...
Well I´m going to enjoying this second last day of the year 
at the movies with my dear sister. 
We are going to see the
last part of Breaking Dawn- Twillight.
A bit sad but soo looking forward to it.
It´s bit of a tradition for us to see Twillight.
We have not had the chance before now. 
But we are lucky the still show it.
If I shall make it to the cinemas in time 
I better go on with what I should say... ;)

I already made 2 posts in the Creativica blog
Here I only show a small selection.
If one want to see more what I have done?
Then it´s here and here.

First an easy Christmas Card
Made my own glitter paper with 
the help of double sided tape, 3d stars 
and a very pretty ribbon.
That was twice the width before but I cut it in half. 
Worked awesome!

On this card I used 2 of the corners of a 12" paper 
and masked them together. 
They melt together rather good so you can barley see it.
Very pretty paper I think. 
Cute birdies. 

The theme for this month over at the Creativica blog is 
Candle light and Christmas.
But as I thought of the fire hazard.
I used battery lights for this bookmark.

And I works great when the power is out. lol

Over at the blog you can see what I used.
Thank you Creativica for the guest spot.

Now I want to wish you all a very Happy new Year!
Big hugs SasSa

2 kommentarer:

Louise sa...

Hej Sassa! ❤

Vilken hemlighet! Och vilken ära, en 3 månaders gäst period :) Det är stort! Men det är din talang också så jag är inte ett endaste dugg förvånad!
De alster du visar här är fantastiska och sådär perfekt SaSsiga ;)


Cathrine/caca sa...

Underbart fina alster! Gillar verkligen kortet med fåglarna på!
Önskar dig och din familj ett riktigt gott nytt år! Kram