söndag 3 april 2011

Papir design article....

...today in StampARTic.

Unfortunately I had the flue and Maissi
where also sick when we aired 
the Papir design articles.
So we made a new post today,
together with the winner announcement.  
My post where suppose to been in the wedding article
and Maissis in the spring article.
Links to what the other ladies
did are in the post link above.

Here´s my wedding projects.
LOVELY papers I got to play with are they not.
A little cool are the strong colors 
and the vintage wedding couple.

Hand sew around the card.
Just too bad I can use this card. 
It´s in Norwegian.
Or do I know any Norwegians getting 
married/have wedding day??

Liked this frame so much and wondered how I could put it to 
the center without clogging with to much decorations.
There´s a locking mechanism in the "Gratulerer" - sentiment.
You tuck the sides of the card under and it stays closed. 

Open card.

The first box I made.
A small gift for the wedding couple...??

Just love this turquoise paper. 
Another locking mechanism. 
For the hubby as a morning gift???

An one in all box. 
By that I mean the lid is in one piece with the box.
Perhaps for a thank you gift for the maid of honor..??

All boxes together and also a bigger one.

Last but not least.
An envelope for the invitation.
 Front for the address.

And back.

So now I got all these.
Start getting married!! ;)
Just kidding!
But have a great new week! :)
Lots of hugs SasSa

5 kommentarer:

Marita Johansson sa...

Wow såååå mycket fint du har gjort

cebelica sa...

Oh wow, these are all FABULOUS!!!

Stempelhexe sa...

Meine Güte, was bist Du fleißig gewesen, tolle Sachen.


Eli Kristin Magnussen sa...

Så herlig kort. Fargeleggingen din er rett og slett et kunstverk :) Har lest litt i bloggen din nå og fått mange flotte tips og idèer. Du er utrolig flink og kreativ, også med å bruke punchere på mange vis. *løper og kjøper* :D

Ha ei herlig uke!

Kathy sa...

These are so beautiful